The Creators of Awesome Foods

Bruce & Marsha R. Weinstein are the creators, owners and operators of Awesome Foods. Our passion for clean and healthy food brought us to incorporate more raw foods into our diet. When we shopped for food, we noticed there were few offerings of prepared raw meals, and all the raw snacks available were filled with too much sugar (dates, honey, & high fructose fruits). As owners of a Natural Market since 1992, our desire to help people make better food choices has been our mission for over 25 years. As a result, we were inspired to create high quality prepared foods and snacks that are minimally processed, easy to digest, and taste awesome. Thus, the idea for Awesome Foods was born. We started Awesome Foods in September 2005 in a small commercial kitchen, with the goal of providing delicious raw, organic, gluten-free food to the public. In March 2017, we moved our kitchen to a much larger facility to better serve our growing demand.

Our Mission is to Revolutionize the way people eat, by offering high quality prepared foods & snacks and by educating consumers, so individuals like you can make better dietary choices. After all, food is powerful medicine. Everyone can benefit from adding more raw foods to their diet, and we found an inspiring way to do just that!