• I wanted to write and personally thank you for starting this company! Your snacks have helped me lose 80lbs and I am still going. I went on a low carb diet in 2011 and I really believe that your product helped me stick to it. I was dying trying to stay away from crunchy snack foods, as many times, that is what I end up eating for lunch because I spend a lot of time at my desk. I cannot tell you how excited I was to find your flax crackers to put my smoked salmon on!!! Your crackers and kale chips took care of my cravings without costing me my diet. I was also really glad to see that somewhere local making these products. I live close to Bridgeport, PA and was thrilled to know my food was made by a local “neighbor”. Thank you so much for creating your products, selling them at a reasonable cost, and making my dream of getting to a healthy weight so much easier!

    – Miss Siobhán A. Cusumano

  • Hello Weinsteins: I randomly picked up your Lasanga tonight from whole foods because I wanted something light and raw. And let me just say that I was BLOWN AWAY by how yummy the dish was and on the spot said to myself “if eating raw can taste this good it’s time to commit fully and stop playing around!

    – Carl

  • Thank you for your food. It’s so fresh and delicious and it takes the work and guess-work out of my busy life when it comes to eating. Awesome Foods is AWESOME! You have a customer for life!

    – Sonja

  • Hi Bruce, I received my order today and had a lovely tasting session while sitting on my porch in the sun 🙂 I do NOT write reviews or letters when I receive things. Honestly. Yet I was compelled to write to you and tell you these are some of the tastiest raw food products I have ever had. I have been to many raw food restaurants and constantly troll my raw food sites for new items. I love to eat and I love raw food!! Mostly I eat fresh food, but I like to occasionally add in kale chips of crackers or dehydrated foods to keep things interesting. I prepare a lot of my own dehydrated food as well. I have to say your olive bread sent me over the moon! Well done!!! I will definitely be reordering and trying some of your other items. Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

    – Sheila

  • Tried the ready to eat taco on a whim today while grocery shopping. First bite in I knew I had to go back and get a few more for the weekend. Outstanding!!! (Of course that was the last one in the case)

    – Forrest Wilkes

  • Your Kale Crackers are my favorite food in the world!

    – Kathleen Rachel

  • I got my large order of Raw Vegan foods in today via UPS and was very impressed with the packaging & freshness as well as the quality of my meals. The Raw Tuna Sandwich was soooo good!! Looking forward to being a REGULAR ordering customer from now on!!

    – Danny Garris

  • Tried the raw vegan pizza today and LOVED it!!!! Soooo delicious!!

    – Shara Webb

  • Just tried the collard wrap for the first time and it was delicious. I special order a few different items through my local health food store and they are weekly staples for lunch and dinner. Love Awesome Foods!!

    – Denise Wynters

  • Fantastic snacks! The prepared foods are delicious!

    – Dina Rose Rankin

  • Thanks for making the ONLY snack that’s totally pure and tastes great too!

    – Luke Voigt

  • I am so happy I discovered you guys! Loved the kale chips, just bought tempura veggies and onion rings. Mmm, and those onions are hot!!

    – Faith Ann Lubitz

  • I’m currently on the tour with Paula Abdul and while we were performing in town I came across your raw chocolate fudge at Whole Foods, OMG!!! I was nice enough to share it with Paula Abdul, the Physical therapist and the glam squad. Of course they all agreed with me! So glad we are coming back next week and I can’t wait to try your other products!! Thank you!!

    – Amy Allen

  • Just fell in love with the kale chips! Can’t wait to try more Awesome Foods!! Thank you!!!

    – Sayeh Hormozi

  • I just wanted to say that I have fallen IN LOVE with your foods. I have sacrificed good wholesome food to “treat” myself and fulfill my hunger in the past, but i have found such satisfaction with awesome foods products, that i no longer need to eat the junk. I was just having my carrot sticks paired with my two faves- sprouted hummus and better than turkey salad, and had to tell you how much i enjoy this stuff. It really is so good! i have never been so satisfied by raw roods. my husband agrees! as a busy mom who not always has time to dedicate to preparing healthy food for myself, I appreciate you! keep making great products.

    – Maribeth Vyain

  • I just had to write and tell you that you have the best tasting raw gluten free wraps I have ever had!!!! I didn’t know I could get them from you directly (we are in NJ), but will def order soon!! Compared to other gf wraps we have tried-yours actually roll like a real wrap and have a wonderful flavor. Thanks for making such a great product!

    – Cynthia