Miss Siobhán A. Cusumano

I wanted to write and personally thank you for starting this company! Your snacks have helped me lose 80lbs and I am still going. I went on a low carb diet in 2011 and I really believe that your product helped me stick to it. I was dying trying to stay away from crunchy snack foods, as many times, that is what I end up eating for lunch because I spend a lot of time at my desk. I cannot tell you how excited I was to find your flax crackers to put my smoked salmon on!!! Your crackers and kale chips took care of my cravings without costing me my diet. I was also really glad to see that somewhere local making these products. I live close to Bridgeport, PA and was thrilled to know my food was made by a local “neighbor”. Thank you so much for creating your products, selling them at a reasonable cost, and making my dream of getting to a healthy weight so much easier!